Gummed paper tape printed with water-based inks for your company marketing actions

With a minimal additional cost, at Ibergum we print the gummed paper for the seal of your packaging with water-based inks and your logos, emblems, or campaign slogans: more memory and effectiveness in your marketing and branding actions.


Natural starch, the other component of gummed paper tape

Potato starch as component of water activated tape and some curiosities.


The challenges and trends of packaging for 2023

Fueled by the confluence of various factors, the world of packaging is undergoing a deep transformation that presents many challenges and exciting oppotunities.


6 keys for your packaging in cardboard boxes and gummed paper tape

Some recommendations to apply to your cardboard and gummed paper tape packaging…


Differences between self-adhesive paper tape and kraft gummed paper tape

Advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive paper tape versus kraft gummed paper tape.


Four common injuries in packaging sealing

For any company or industry in any sector, preventing accidents and injuries in packaging tasks and guaranteeing the health and safety of the workforce is of vital importance.


Paper and pencil in education and business organization

Following the quick development and implementation of digital technologies, studies are busy analyzing and comparing in detail the advantages and scope of the various media and discovering that paper, pencil, and printed paper are essential in education and business organization.


Five fatal mistakes in closing your eCommerce packaging

The mistake in choosing the ecommerce seal causes millions in losses to companies... how to avoid it


New ways of producing paper

Strict requirements are observed in paper manufacturing, articulate by sustainability seals, but the industry is exploring options in manufacturing technologies and alternative fibers.


Other uses of gummed paper tape

The gummed paper tape is mainly used for sealing cartons for packaging; but it is also very efficient in other uses. What else is gummed paper tape used for?

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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