Five fatal mistakes in closing your eCommerce packaging

The mistake in choosing the ecommerce seal causes millions in losses to companies... how to avoid it


New ways of producing paper

Strict requirements are observed in paper manufacturing, articulate by sustainability seals, but the industry is exploring options in manufacturing technologies and alternative fibers.


Other uses of gummed paper tape

The gummed paper tape is mainly used for sealing cartons for packaging; but it is also very efficient in other uses. What else is gummed paper tape used for?


Gummed paper tape in logistics

Gummed paper tape is the seal for cardboard boxes that guarantees the packaging during handling, transport and delivery operations to the customer, in addition to responding to the requirements of the target market and the environment.


2021: a special year at Ibergum, SA

Enrique Arconada, CEO of Ibergum, SA, takes stock of this year 2021 that is ending and that for the Company has been a year of challenges, awards, and growth.


Gummed paper tape dispensers - Efficiency in packaging sealing

Gummed paper tape dispensers and applicators are the right tool to achieve maximum efficiency and agility in the intensive sealing of cardboard boxes.


Gummed paper tape for international ecommerce

In international ecommerce, the use of gummed paper as a seal on packaging optimizes the preparation of orders and guarantees good quality in deliveries and receptions.


Sustainable packaging: an urgent need

Most of the waste that we generate as a society correspond to containers and packaging. Customers and companies are aware of the urgency of achieving sustainability in packaging.


The advantages of gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape is the most versatile, adaptable, safe and environmentally friendly system for closing and sealing cardboard packaging to date.


Gummed paper tape in extreme temperatures

There are huge differences in optimal use conditions, adhesive properties, and shelf life between plastic tape and gummed paper tape.

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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