Production and sale of kraft gummed tapes for closing carton boxes, sell of kraft paper

European leader producing kraft gummed tapes

Gummed paper tape: yesterday, today, ever

Water activated tape: saving, security and sustainability in your packaging

Water activated tape: Nature and technology advance together

Close your carton boxes in a strong, secure, economical and sustainable way

The sustainable e-commerce packaging seal

Maximum efficiency and agility in the intensive sealing of cardboard boxes.

The gummed paper tape and its dispensers composes the ideal equipment for the intensive closing of cardboard boxes. They represent the maximum degree of agility and versatility in the preparation of shipments, whatever the sizes, weights or quantities of packaging. The largest companies in the world take advantage of all this qualities.
Along these years, our policy of continuous innovation and improvement altogether with the commitment to our customers and the environment, have allowed us to lead the domestic market and be on top of the gummed tapes European and world one.

Gummed tape:
a classic full of advantages

Manufactured with long fiber Kraft paper and natural starch adhesive, from sustainable crops, ther is no system for closing and sealing cardboard boxes with greater advantages and a level of sustainability than gummed paper tape.

Choosing and buying gummed paper

If you have made the decision to switch to gummed paper to seal your cardboard boxes, what are the criteria you should follow to buy gummed paper?

What do you want to pack? What do you want to pack?

The product is the essence of your business and its safety comes first. The gummed paper tape provides us with all the security guarantees and is manufactures in a wide rango of widths and weights.


How much does it weight? How much does it weight?

Up to 25 kg. the Kraft gummed paper tape, smooth or laid, will guarantee the seal of your cardboard packaging. If they exceed that weight, the various kinds of reinforced gummed paper tape will respond to your needs.

What logistics needs
do you products have?
What logistics needs<br> do you products have?

Shipping destination, means of transport, loading and unloading determine the type of gummed paper tape to choose.


Natural Kraft brown, or white, aesthetics are important in your shipments.How are your cardboard boxes?

Natural Kraft brown, or white, aesthetics are important in your shipments.

The most sustainable e-commerce seal on the market

The gummed paper tape is made 100% natural raw material, from sustainable crops. It is totally biodegradable and recyclable without additional cost and, therefore, environmentally friendly. It is the only existing ecological e-commerce seal for packaging and guarantees respect for the environment and the sustainability for your shipments.

kraft gummed tape The most sustainable e-commerce seal on the market
Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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